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Snap Affiliates 1.0.2 is out!

Download Snap Affiliates version 1.0.2 here:


This release fixes a number of bugs. Among them are:

  • To/From email addresses are swapped in admin emails.
  • Language files are missing from distribution.
  • referrer_signup.php makes reference to non-existent constants.
  • Email fails when no admin has admin_id = 1

Thanks to everyone who’s been using the software and submitting bugs! As usual, please don’t hesitate to email me if you’re having problems with this release or the previous one.

Sunday, May 30th, 2010 at 7:07 pm


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Mike says:

1. Be sure to check out all of the files included with this mod against your existing files as there were more files than were listed in the install instructions

2. Create the link to the main page using “index.php?main_page=referrer_main”

3. The files includes/languages/english/referrer_main.php, includes/languages/english/referrer_main.php, includes/languages/english/referrer_main.php need to be in your overides folder to get rid of the NAVBAR_TITLE issue.

4. Banners can be inserted by editing the includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/templates/tpl_referrer_tools_default.php file lines 118 to 127. You can change the dimensions of the images here as well to reflect your banner sizes. Copy your banner images into the includes/templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/images/referrers/ folder. Name them according to the file above e.g. ref.160.600.jpg for a 160×600 image, ref.468.60.jpg for the 468×60 image, etc. and comment out the ones you are not using.

5.I was still having issues with the email when the admin_level = 1 If ADMIN|EMAIL OPTIONS|EMAIL FRIENDLY ERRORS set to TRUE you still get an error. If you edit the includes/modules/pages/referrer_signup/header.php file line 35 from admin_level = 1 to admin_level = 0 and in the same in /admin/referrers.php line 33. Or just add a second admin user called Affiliate Manager and leave it at Admin_Level=1. The second admin had a level 1, while the first will have a zero.

6. Change line 56 from “admin/referrers.php?referrer=” to reflect what you renamed your “admin” folder for security reasons.

7. I’m trying to get the admin/referrers.php to correctly form the emails sent to the affiliates upon approval. The email body currently reads

“Your MYDOMAIN affiliate account has been approved!


The [$main_body = zen_build_html_email_from_template('referrer_approved', $content_map);] isn’t creating the email correctly when sending out the automatic “Approved|Banned|Paid” emails. Any help on how to fix the emails would be appreciated.

8. A forum support thread has been started at http://www.zen-cart.com/forum/showthread.php?p=899111#post899111

Richard says:

I have been trying to get the Snap affiliates to work on a test site on Zen 1.3.7, and no luck. The Admin side shows no hint of the install. Any idea on how this is to be configured? I have followed all instructions and still do not see it on the Admin side.

Thanks, Michael, for your ZC contribution!

To reduce the risk to your DB, etc., consider this in the application_top.php file:

if( isset($_GET["referrer"]) ) {

if( isset(zen_db_prepare_input($_GET["referrer"])) ) {

Or, perhaps you have a better idea? Please share!

Happy Safe Computing


Brian says:

This looks SO much better than JROX! But… I can’t seem to get it working with Zen-Cart 1.5RC2. (Yes, I know 1.5 isn’t ready for live sites yet, but I’m trying to think ahead…) Any thoughts on how to make it work?

Brian says:

Is this still actively developed? If so what is the timeline for Zen-Cart 1.5 compatibility?

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