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Snap Affiliates – The Affiliate Interface

Snap Affiliates strives to make the process of driving traffic to your store simple.  It does that by providing affiliate members with a set of powerful, intuitive tools.

Snap Affiliate Registration Page The first page an affiliate will ever see is the affiliate sign up page. The sign up page is simple because Snap Affiliates ties directly into the Zen Cart customer database. Since the customer has already filled out the majority of their contact information when creating their customer account, there’s no need for them to provide it again. All that’s necessary is the URL from which they intend to promote the site, for review by the site owner. This page is also where affiliates are introduced to the terms of the program, which can be tailored to any store.

Once the user has submitted their site URL, the store administrator will be emailed and the affiliate will be put into “account pending” status. At this point it’s up to the administrator to approve or deny the request. If the account is approved, the full suite of tools opens up to the newly minted affiliate.

Snap Affiliate InterfaceAn affiliate’s primary destination is the affiliate information page. On this page they can view their affiliate ID, payment details, current commission rate, and order history. The top pane show the affiliate’s basic information, including their affiliate ID. Affiliate IDs are unique and generated by the software when the affiliate signs up. Commission rate is determined by the store administrator.

The second pane describes the affiliate’s current sales summary. The first two lines indicate the affiliate’s current sales figures. Affiliates are typically paid on a monthly basis, but payment schedules are determined entirely by the store administrator. The last two lines describe the affiliate’s year-to-date sales totals. These numbers are essential for tax filing and give an affiliate a precise picture of where they stand.

The last pane gives an affiliate access to their complete order history. On page load, it shows activity for the current month. However, the date controls can be used to show order history all the way back to the affiliate’s inception into the program. Each line in the order history represents one order. It describes when the order was placed, what the pre-shipping/post-gift-certificate total was, the commission rate the order was placed at, the commission due, and when the commission for that order was paid.

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I have installed the affiliate module. I created an test affiliate account and everything was great. We I try to sign up again it takes me to where the URL is entered but nothing happens. What could I be doing wrong?

Carlos Ruffino

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