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Snap Affiliates – The Admin Interface

Snap Affiliates Admin InterfaceThe Snap Affiliates administration interface maintains the standards of simplicity written into the affiliate interface. It mimics other sections of the Zen Cart administration interface and is instantly familiar.

It begins with a list of affiliate program participants. This list includes both active participants, suspended participants, and those who have yet to be approved by the administrator. Affiliate status is clearly described, with problem areas highlighted in red. Additionally, each line contains a two key statistics; the affiliate’s current unpaid commission and the affiliate’s current commission rate. To the right of the affiliate list is the same information, along with expanded contact information. This allows the administrator quick access to their affiliate team’s most important details.

Snap Affiliates Affiliate Admin DetailsClicking the “Details” button opens the selected affiliate’s complete administration interface. This is the place where all aspects of the affiliate’s participation can be monitored and controlled. Their status can be changed, their commission rate can be tailored to suit their specific needs, and their complete order history can be reviewed.

This is also where an administrator notes commission payments made to an affiliate. Payments handling is extremely simple in Snap Affiliates. An administrator reviews the amount due the affiliate, handles the transaction offline, and then clicks the “Pay” button. The affiliate’s unpaid orders are then updated with the current date and the unpaid commission counter resets. At the top of the page are the affiliate’s complete contact details; to facilitate easy transfer of commission.

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009 at 9:49 pm


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nelson says:

Hello Micheal,

I have viewed the admin referrer page, and I think whether we could add the order ID in the list would be better.

In fact, many orders such as pay offline, it could not be cleared at the time that it placed. So that we could check it and aprove the payment, and then the commision would be into the account.



Brian says:

This is seriously one of the coolest addons for Zen-Cart out there. The level of quality and functionality are truly awesome.

Thank you.

mie says:


I notice something that i was considered as important.I just notice that the value of commission is calculated automatically after the customer brought by referrer placed an order without completing the payment yet.I think it will be a problem if the customer left the order without completing the payment and the store owner should pay to the affiliate for uncompleted transaction.I think the commission should be placed after the store owner marked the order as delivered.

One more thing is the problem when the store owner made a payment to their affiliates.It will be an email sent to the affiliate mention that their commission already been paid and the the current total of their commission = 0.I think the 0 means the commission has been reset.It would be better if the email sent as “dear affiliates, your commission totaled:$10 has been paid to your local bank with account no:xxxxxxxxx/paypal with address:xxxxxxxxx and the current commission of your account has been reset”

I try to figure out myself and i can’t.maybe you as the creator of this brilliant script can help us out regarding this matter.Thanks a lot for producing this script.Really appreciate it.Please respond to my email if you solved this matter.:)

Paul Harvey says:

A question on payments.

Does this mean the administrator needs to contact the affiliate by e-mail to get his bank details off them in order to transfer money to his account. Would it not be possible to have a transfer payment using their paypal account and them give theie paypal account details.

Is this multi-tier capable? ie 1 affiliate can refer another person who becomes an affiliate who refers another person who becomes an affiliate. 2-3 levels deep at least.

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