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Snap Affiliates Banner PageAffiliates shouldn’t have to memorize id numbers, account names, or any other minutia involved with their membership. Those kinds of things are easy to forget and even easier to mistype. Additionally, affiliates should never ever have to write HTML or CSS code. While many affiliates may be skilled at doing so, there are no guarantees the code they develop is consistent with the rest of your store. Moreover, there’s no sense in having hundreds of affiliates re-inventing the wheel each time they want to link to your store.

Therefore, Snap Affiliates provides all affiliates with a set of HTML snippets they can use to link to your store with their credentials. These snippets can be anything the store owner desires, although most common will be a set of banners and a standard text link. Affiliates can then just copy and paste these snippets into their blogs, web sites and email signatures. Banner images will be retrieved from your server, allowing you to track how many impressions your affiliates are making on your behalf.

Snap Affiliates Deep Linking ToolSnap Affiliates is designed to be used from anywhere in the store. There are no redirects or special customer sign-in pages. Any Zen Cart page can register a referral. For those affiliates that want to write detailed content about specific departments or products in the store, Snap Affiliates provides a deep-linking tool. The deep linking tool is used to attach affiliate credentials to any store URL. An affiliate just pastes in the link they want to attach their credentials to, presses the button, and then copies the modified URL from the same box. That URL will then register a referral every time it’s clicked, as well as send the customer to the original page.

Friday, February 13th, 2009 at 9:23 pm


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Praful Rajput says:


I have installed your snap affiliate module 1.0 for version of zencart 1.3.9.

But still now module is not working well..

So please can you explain this how it will work fine?

Currently I am watching the module using CUSTOMER=>REFERRERS

It shows column heading with “Displaying 1 to 0 (of 0 referrers) ” message…

so please can you explain me How I integrate this module in my project..asap..

Thanks & regards

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