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Looking for Beta Testers

I’m looking for ten or so beta testers for Snap Affiliates. I’m willing to offer limited free support and site integration to participants.

If you’d like to participate, drop me an email or leave a comment. I’ll send you more details.

Thursday, February 26th, 2009 at 8:51 pm


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Trishah says:

Hello. I am new to ZenCart and am looking for a store/affiliate program combination for a client. I am currently setting up zencart to sell puppy training videos for a client and was thinking of setting it up to sell software for another client. However this second client needs an affiliate program tied to it. We would be willing to beta test your module. Please contact me if this works for you.

Alan says:

I would be interested in doing some testing with your new affiliate program. It sounds exactly like what i am looking for.

Hello there

Looks like the sort of thing a few of my e-commerce customers have been looking for i.e. the way to provide a rebate to existing customers each time a new customer they send to the shop makes a purchase.

Looking forward to playing with this.

I would enjoy beta testing your products.

I would be very happy to allow integration of Snap into my site. I have been looking at a cost effective way to start an affiliate program, and this sure does sound great to me. Looking forward to hearing back from you Michael. Thanks for the great offer, and your due diligence on a great project.

Wes Weaver says:

Hello! Are you still looking for beta testers? We are interested in an affiliate program for our website…

Wes W

Matt says:

I’ve just finished installing on a client’s website and would be happy to provide feedback… as soon as I find out how to use it! haha … but seriously, I can’t figure out where to edit the commission settings and add ad banners etc — can you please help?

Eric says:

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to create a tiered system on the website so it encourages more sales

20 Bottles – 5%
30 Bottles – 7.5%
45 Bottles – 10%

In addition, can you limit the offer to certain products only (as opposed to whole site?)

Please let me know buddy :-)

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